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Falling In Love

A lot of times I see guys talking about meeting the one or hoping that they will fall in love soon, and it makes me cringe. It really does. And it’s so difficult to say anything at all, most of the people who talk me about relationships realize that there’s something wrong and want an alternate point of view. But these lovelorn gentlemen, they don’t see how foolish waiting to fall in love sounds. It’s like they go through life waiting for things to happen to them, and like in the movies–where the protagonist almost always have the wittiest quips and smoothest lines to deliver at the perfect moment–they think that when the moment comes, they will be prepared.

And when it actually does, they somehow can rationalize inaction away without second thought.

The most common excuses I’ve heard is “She’s with someone else”, or “I’m too scared“, or “I don’t really like her anyway”. I’m not saying to approach every single girl out there. Even I don’t do it. But it comes to a certain point where you need to stop giving excuses. It doesn’t mean that if you’re not the best-looking motherfucker on the planet, that you can never get girls. If you think certain girls are out of your league, there are many ways to overcome that…or in the worst case, just go for girls you think are within your league, until you get comfortable being yourself with them and then you gradually move up “the scale” and hook up with hotter and hotter girls.

The game is a series of ups and downs, but if you want to improve this area of your life you have to start somewhere. Or you can be the creepy guy fantasizing about girls you’ll never get, and then lie in bed and wonder when love will come to you. Be a fucking man. Engineer your own fate. The masculine is like a boat in the ocean of feminine energy, you have to be self-directed, motivated, and clear in your purpose and path and the waves of life will align in your favor. If you don’t master the winds and the waves, and let the ocean toss you around, your life will be a tumultuous storm of frustration, second-bests, and lost opportunities.

Be a better man today. Don’t wait for the fairy tale moment; you’re not a fucking 12-year-old girl.

Are You The Prince Or The Princess?


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