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100% Belief

I Had A Dream…

Thought I should take a break from all the (pseudo) science posts and write something a little more inspiring. I had a dream last night that was a series of disconnected events, but what happened right before I woke up was pretty memorable…at least to me.

I dreamt that I was Spider-man. And there was a huge battle breaking out between the Marvel Superheroes and villains. One of my enemies was the super cool emo Hulk, which I promptly left for Luke Cage to handle and went to find Bullseye for battle. For those who don’t know who Luke Cage or Bullseye is, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway being Spider-man was fun, except for the fact that I couldn’t climb walls. I had super strength and speed. I was ricocheting off walls at lightning speed but I couldn’t stick to them. I was wondering why. I knew that it was a dream. And in lucid dreaming, it meant that I could control my dreams to some extent. So why couldn’t I stick to walls?

In the dream before I fought Bullseye I stopped and had a conversation with someone whom I can’t recall at this moment. He asked me why didn’t I just scale the side of the building and surprise Bullseye there. I looked down and felt Vertigo–the nauseating feeling when you look down from a high place–and I told him this, “I’m not sure if this is a dream or it’s real. Unless I’m 100% sure that it’s a dream, I can’t just go for it or I might die.”

I said this while there were hundreds of super-powered people fighting all around me. I was conscious and aware of my dream state, but it felt so much like Inception–where reality and dream are indifferentiable.

So what happened next was, I decided to take the stairs. This was happening at my house for some reason, and I bulleted down the stairway. I got to the fifth floor and I saw two friends (or acquaintances) that I hadn’t met in a long while. I sped out of there to look for Bullseye. Realizing that it was too slow, I decided to jump on the walls and hope I’ll stick. Once again I told myself that I was dreaming and I went for it. I started scaling the walls so fast that I almost puked due to the constant shift in direction. One second I was on the side wall, next I’m on the ceiling. It was a blur, but I did it!

I, then, decided to exit the building. But when I went to the edge of the ledge again, I pussied out and lost the ability to climb walls. As sure as I was of it being a dream, and even though the signs around me proved so, I could not convince myself 100% that I could do it.

What Is The Point?

When I woke up, I started thinking, “Maybe what I thought was giving my 100% and believing in it isn’t, in fact, 100%.” It reminded me about a lot of things I do, or attempted to do–that what I thought was me giving my 100%, wasn’t. Too often, even though the facts are right in front of us, we are still unable to accept the truth. And that little bit of doubt is powerful. So powerful that it can cripple you and rob you of your fullest abilities.

We humans are creatures of habit, where we form our beliefs based on what we constantly expose ourselves to. But there is another angle to it, our inner game. What we believe we can achieve and how much of ourselves we put into whatever we do. If you start a business without giving your all, it will fail. Successful people are intense as fuck. They have a 100% intention to win in everything they do; they don’t just play to avoid losing.

How intense are you in your life and in your work? How much belief do you put into bettering yourself? 50% is not enough. 75% is not enough. Heck, 90% is not enough! Doubt is like a virus, it will spread and multiply and before you know it, it will take over and paralyze you. Don’t let it. Believe in yourself; give your 100% in everything you set out to do, and you will reap the rewards.


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