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Which Pain Is Worse…?

Missed Connection

Regret Or Rejection?

I just saw this picture and it just begged the question,

What does he expect will happen?

Does he think the girl will actually show up? If she’s batshit crazy, then yea.

That being said there’s not much to write about. I can go on about how you should just take action and blabbidyblahblah…

From the way he writes, and the choice of words he uses, he clearly is someone who lacks confidence and is in scarcity. To those who think I am making assumptions here, you may be right. But think about it, who would go to such an extent. The Script romanticized similar actions with the song “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”.

But that’s because he’s a fucking rockstar.

Before you point fingers at me, I have been in similar situations before. I saw a girl with her parents and didn’t dare to approach her. I regretted it afterwards, and I hated feeling like that. But instead of trying to find that one girl, I decided that the next time I saw a girl and felt the spark, I would just go for it.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I did. I was waiting outside a 7-11 with a friend, Emcee, and out of nowhere this girl walked by. She was pretty cute. Seemed like my type. She was texting on her phone and sauntering along. I decided to approach her after Emcee kind of challenged me to. I saw that she was with what I later found out to be her aunt and her boss, but initially, I thought it was her dad and mom.

Still, I went for it, got the number, went out with her. We realized later that we were totally different people and couldn’t click. But I wouldn’t have known this if I hadn’t approached her. Instead things might have turned out different. I would probably have fantasized and built her up to be something she wasn’t, and let it affect me.

Point of the story: Get to know her before judging her,. You can only do that if you take action.

It’s a pity I just saw the picture today. I wonder if that guy really did meet the girl, though if he did it’ll probably be bigger news.

Doesn’t matter anyway.


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