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This is a guide to take you from the approach to the date. It isn’t complete yet, but I’ll add on more articles as I go along. If you want a more thorough step-by-step guidance to meeting women, join The Average Dude Boot Camp where we teach you the basics and bring you into the real world and guide you along.



No Excuses, Part 1: The Hardest Part Of The Approach; Being The Social Man

No Excuses, Part 2: Burning Your Boats; Pushing Boundaries

No Excuses, Part 3: Destroying Your Ego



The Conversation Blueprint, Part 1a: The Four Rules

The Conversation Blueprint, Part 1b: Expanding On “The Four Rules”

The Conversation Blueprint, Part 2: Staying In The Attraction Zone

The Conversation Blueprint, Part 3: Dominate Your Space!

The Conversation Blueprint, Part 4: What The F*&$ To Say

The Conversation Blueprint, Part 5: Five Secrets (That Will Make Or Break The Interaction)


Setting Up Dates

What To Do With The Number; Post-Approach Tips


The Adventurous Man, Part 1: First Date Dos and Don’ts (Coming Soon)

The Adventurous Man, Part 2: Dating Anxiety?! Adventure Mindset and Mental Preparation (Coming Soon)

The Adventurous Man, Part 3: “Well…This Is Awkward…” (Coming Soon)

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